Dial domain names instead of phone numbers

Siter is a new concept in communication, Siter allows smartphone users to make a phone call through a domain name instead of a phone number. Welcome to the domain dialing concept. Watch the video 

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Features and benefits

Your current domain name will be used as a phone number. You do not need to register a new domain
Easy to remember: domain names are easier to remember than phone numbers
It's forever: phone numbers will change, domains rarely do
100% FREE - It's free to download and sign up
multiple phone numbers
Multiple phone numbers - Assign single or multiple phone numbers to your domain name [more]
Geolocation - Multiple phone numbers with geolocation is perfect for chain stores or any organization for which location is important. The closest phone numbers will be listed first [more]

Promote and engage

social media
Insert the Siter icon into your website next to other social media icons, and link to our web app Siter simulator
Insert the Siter icon on your printed advertisements
customize app
Customize the Siter app with your logo
100% free

Free Sign up - assign a phone number to your domain name


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